We create things. They are fabulous and everyone is going to ask you where you got it. If it has pockets, even better. Happiness that you can wear.


Shiny, bling-y hotness for you. It’s a club you’ll want to be in.

Home Decor

Pillows, wall art and other amazing stuff, oh my.

Digital Consulting and Photography

We’ve learned a few things over the last decade. Partner with us for a digital upgrade.

We blog about it too.

We give you the tea on our stuff and our favorite things from everyone else too. ALL. THE. THINGS. YALL.

You want it, you really do.

Michelle Jeanine is that luxury brand you would have created yourself if you had thought of it first.

We love you too.

Michelle Jeanine was created to make more love in the world. To enjoy pretty things and share them with our best friends. That’s you.

Next Steps…

Take a look around and pick out your favorites and start being your most fabulous self. Hugs and happy shopping.

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